Veratron counts on green energy


/ The impressive 1.26 MWp photovoltaic system on the roof of Veratron's headquarters in Rüthi, Sankt Gallen, has been running at full power since the end of November. A significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable energy and an environmentally friendly corporate approach.

In a time where renewable energy plays a central role, Veratron has chosen to make optimal use of the considerable roof space at its headquarters. The 2,926 installed modules, spread across approximately 10,900 m2 (5,632 m2 effective module area), contribute to an expected annual production of over 1,216,700 kilowatt hours (kWh). This equals the energy requirements of 304 households or 1,217 people per year.


Example: 3454 kg CO2 savings (29.11.2023 to 20.02.2024) - equals:




Focus on Green Mobility: In line with the principle "Only who fills up green, drives green", four additional e-charging stations are available for free use by employees, customers and visitors. This initiative highlights Veratron's commitment to a holistic green infrastructure.

Veratron headquarter - four e-charging stations


We credit the successful implementation of this future-oriented project to the competent support of Solarmotion and its partners. From the initial concept to the start-up, their expertise was crucial for the smooth running of the entire process. 


The start-up of the 1.26 MWp photovoltaic system marks a significant step towards energy independence and CO2 reduction for Veratron and the entire region. It is a clear commitment to sustainable growth and responsible use of our planet's resources - an inspiring example of actively working towards a sustainable future.