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Our Story

We have passionately developed and produced leading outdoor instrumentation for vehicles for over 50 years.

  • The name has changed several times, but many of the people developing our first-class instruments have been with us since the beginning. 

  • 50 years of experience and knowhow have been accumulated within Veratron, allowing us to provide the market with cutting edge technology and premium instruments for vehicles of all kinds.

  • Foundation and Growth

  • 1972


  • 1977


  • 1972 – 1991


    Foundation & Growth

  • 1972

    Foundation of VDO Technik AG at new production plant in Rüthi / Switzerland. Production of passenger car instrument clusters for Swedish car manufacturer, as well as Speedo and tachometers for Austrian motorcycle and car manufacturers.


    First production of mechanical speedometers for bicycles and mechanical fuel level sensors and gauges.


    The production of central door locking systems for two major German car manufacturers begins.


    Focus on production of bimetal instruments for all German car manufacturers. New production processes implemented to produce up to 25,000 units per day.


    Expansion of facility and integration of marine business.

  • Diversification

  • 1992

  • 2001

  • 1992 – 2001



  • 1992

    Start of PCB assembly in Rüthi / Switzerland.


    Production of instruments for British off-road vehicle manufacturer.


    Engine monitoring instrument for biggest US outboard engine
    manufacturer – first development and production of color display for Marine application.


    ATV instrument – first development for off-road application

  • Change

  • 2006

  • 2010

  • 2002 – 2007



  • 2002

    First system solution for industrial applications are developed and produced.


    Instrumentation for larger US construction machineries manufacturer developed and produced.


    Icon motorcycle manufacturer in US orders first instruments in Rüthi.


    Start of production of fuel level sensors for trucks.


    Production plant refreshed and made ready for further expansion.

  • New Opportunities

  • 2013

  • 2017

  • 2008 – 2017


    New Opportunities

  • 2008

    The production of tractor instrument clusters starts.


    Up to date 2 million instruments were delivered to US motorcycle manufacturer.


    The biggest marine engine manufacturer becomes the first Japanese customer to order from the Rüthi plant. Two new European premium motorcycle brands follow.


    Rüthi becomes the Marine market within the Continental group. Further focus on marine instruments.


    A famous Japanese engine, motorcycle and car manufacturer is added as the next important customer in the marine segment.

  • Onward

  • 2019

  • 2020

  • 2018



  • 2018

    The management being partly on board for over 20 years buys
    the Marine and PA Business from Continental and founds the new company Veratron.


    Rebranding - logo and brandmark. Development of premium and cutting edge Veratron products. Ongoing development and production of VDO Marine products.


    Launch of new product portfolio and US Webshop.


    Japanese outboard engines manufacturer is added to the customer list.

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