VL Flex Intelligent Battery Monitor (IBM) Kit

After the successful launch of our VL Flex 52 in December last year, the time has come to introduce a new VL Flex family member, the VL Flex Intelligent Battery Monitor Kit.


This kit features everything you need to assemble your system: the VL Flex instrument, the Intelligent Battery Sensor and a 6-meter long wiring harness with automotive-derived connectors to plug-and-play install the components.


With its high contrast color display and low power consumption of less than 50mA, the VL Flex IBM Kit is made for the marine as well as the automotive market. The IBM kit is ready for connecting to the Veratron dip-pipe liquid level sensors – optionally available in different lengths for 150 mm to 1400mm - through a watertight poka-yoke connector. The information’s quality is increased thanks to the compensation chamber which eliminates the influence of turbulences in the tank and provides more precise and reliable measurements. Nobody would like to run out of fresh water in the middle of the sea or in the desert.


The Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) measures the vital battery parameters, such as voltage, current and temperature, and derives additional data like state of charge, health and autonomy out of it. All the essential information is provided in order to plan the energy consumption onboard and prevent from potential problems. The system, working with standard 12V Lead, gel or AGM battery types, can monitor either a 12V single battery or a series of two for a 24V use. The Intelligent Battery Sensor clamps the negative pole terminal, and it connects to the positive terminal through a 3A watertight fuse embedded on the harness.


Like all Veratron new generation instruments, the VL Flex IBM Kit is easy to configure with mobile devices through a companion app, available as free download for both iOS and Android devices. Thanks to the built-in passive wireless antenna, the sensors’ parameters  and optional warning thresholds are configured on your mobile device, which only requires a “tap” against the VL Flex lens for instant data download.


The status of the battery is known before starting your journey. Have a safe trip and enjoy.


B00084701 12 Volt version


B00084801 24 Volt version