Firmware Update - Required Setup


If there are new software updates available for your digital Veratron instrument, you can reflash the gauge with the latest firmware. The required computer software to do that, can be downloaded free of charge from the Veratron website.




Firmware updates on Veratron products only work via the CAN bus interface.

Therefore, a functioning NMEA 2000 setup is required. That means, the minimal setup looks as shown in the following schematic.


Hardware Setup - Veratron Firmware Update

The network requires:

  • Backbone terminated by resistors
  • 12V power source
  • Veratron Diagnostic Tool (CAN to USB Converter)
  • Windows PC
  • Open connector to interface the instrument


It is recommended to use the original Veratron Diagnostic Tool as a CAN to USB converter. The application is not guaranteed to work with foreign converters.


Updates can be performed directly on the vessels NMEA 2000 network as additional gauges on the bus do not interfere with the installation. (Unless the high-speed CAN is enabled.)





To perform a firmware update the "Veratron Configuration Tool" is required. This computer application is available free of charge and can be downloaded here:


Veratron Configuration Tool



The Configuration Tool requires a Windows PC.


Veratron Configuration Tool - Home Screen




Beside the tool you need to download the software package containing the latest firmware update. The latest versions of all Veratron products can be downloaded here:


Firmware Packages





Start the Veratron Configuration Tool and access the Service  Software Update screen.

Veratron Configuration Tool - Open Update Page



Mark the device you want to update with a tick and press the button with the three dots next to the respective device.
A new window opens to let you choose the software package, which you downloaded from the previous link.
Select the Firmware-File. This file is usually named






Veratron Configuration Tool - Select Software Package



Repeat this step with the second line when updating a display but select the graphics file this time. This file is usually named



For products others than displays this is not required.



Start the installation process by clicking the button UPDATE.


Wait until the progress bar went all the way through.

Do not interrupt the download process by closing the Configuration Tool or unplugging the instrument.


Veratron Configuration Tool - Progress Bar



When the update is completed and the gauge started up again, it is recommended to perform a factory reset at first.

(On gauges where this feature is available: OceanLink TFT displays, VMH 35, VMH 70, AcquaLink Displays)





The download can take a couple of minutes. Especially the graphics files for the displays require some time.

The Highspeed CAN mode helps speeding the process up.

When using the Highspeed mode, there must be no other devices on the NMEA 2000 bus beside the one being updated.

In case other devices are connected to the network you can either power them off or disconnect the NMEA 2000 drop cable from them.