52 good reasons

We want to share an exciting project with you. Each week, all over the year 2023, we published a good reason to choose Veratron on our social media channels. Here they are, all collected. We are sure you will discover things, you did not know about us. 52 good reasons to choose Veratron – see for yourself :)

  • Formerly known as VDO Marine, our history is our strength – with accumulated expertise, we excel in designing and producing industry-leading instruments, enhanced by automotive technical skills.

  • Veratron prioritizes sustainability, ensuring responsible resource use and traceable production, aligning with high standards. Our commitment extends to ecological, economic, and social issues, contributing to a better planet through continuous innovation.

  • We're dedicated to environmental protection across operations, certified ISO14001 since 2005. Our production adheres to top standards like ROHS, Reach, prop 65. We prioritize recycling, low energy consumption, emissions reduction, and promote eco-friendly products.

  • Global presence. We are present all over the world and around the clock, headquartered in Switzerland with subsidiaries in the US and Japan. Our partners ensure product availability worldwide, with distributors assisting based on your time zone. Contact us or official dealers for information.

  • A partner you can rely on. Our reliable team ensures our products deliver accurate values, crafted through extensive development and testing. With longstanding staff, we prioritize dedication, guaranteeing trustworthy outcomes

  • We speak many languages. Due to our company’s diversity, we can handle your requests in many different languages. With around 100 staff members and people coming from different regions in the world, we are able to understand our customers’ needs.

  • We have all competencies in-House. From idea to final product - as experts, we manage the entire chain from 3D animation, mockup building, up to the final product including the manufacturing process development.

  • "There is no better tool or equipment you can have on board than a well-trained crew." - Larry Pardey, Sailor and Writer

    Internally, we support each other and care for each other to support our customer better.

  • In our laboratory the impact of various environmental conditions on all our products and components is examined. The Veratron environmental laboratory has been certified and SAS accredited under ISO/IEC 17025 under STS 0685.

  • We are member of the most recognized organization in the marine electronics industry. The NMEA and its members are committed to enhancing the technology and safety of marine electronics through installer training and interface standards.

  • Our products are NMEA 2000 certified. The product has been tested to meet specific critical safety criteria and to correctly implement network management and messaging. Certification involves a suite of more than 100 tests that a product must pass.

  • Whether it is inside or outside, Veratron products undergo several revisions. Software, to stay up to date and products, to keep up with trends and latest technology. In and outside designs are reviewed, amended, improved to offer the best experience.

  • Our products undergo a lot of different tests during their production cycle. One of the most important is the end-of-line testing. That test is crucial for the overall functionality of the product. End-of-line testing assesses not only the quality of the product, but also the stability and yield of the production process.

  • With our background in the automotive industry, Swiss precision and over 50 years of experience, we can proudly asssure that our products are on the cutting edge of technology, high-quality design and premium material – we create premium instrumentation engineered in Switzerland.

  • Those who chose us some decades ago don’t regret their choice. Their instruments are still working because at Veratron, we believe that our products must be durable. Boats still driving, instruments still shining.

  • We love what we do! Passionate about our craft, we design top-notch products for boat enthusiasts. Our dedication and enthusiasm ensure exceptional quality and service, resulting in best-in-class devices.

  • Our dynamic R&D team innovates across software development and display optimization. With over 50 years of experience, we embrace innovation, ensuring top-quality products from design to delivery.

  • Veratron has received several awards and nomination to awards recognized in the industry. Awards like the IBEX 2020 Innovation Award for LinkUp, simplifying signal conversion or VL Flex was named a Top Product in the Boat Industry 2021.

  • We create exceptional products like Veratron GO, the smallest NMEA 2000 GNSS receiver with unmatched precision. Its innovative design delivers outstanding performance in a remarkably compact size.

  • How long do you think those test are run? How many times do our products endure those simulations?
    And all of our products have to go through this chamber to get on your boats. Discover More

  • 360° competence in the entire product realization process, here is another reason to choose us. Engineering, testing and production of high quality electronic products is our DNA. Fast, flexible and efficient to serial production.

  • We serve our customers with high quality, reliable and durable products. With over 50 years of experience, we provide the market with premium instruments, sensors and electronic control units for various markets. Our customers know us for our short time to market from development to start of production and reliable supply.

  • Our products are well established in a broad variety of markets. Be it for Special Products which need a very special handling and a combination of expertise, for outdoor instrumentation or for industrial vehicles, our Swiss quality guarantees total precision and reliability.

  • Our dedicated Service team is always ready to support and help with not only technical issues but also to guide you on your first steps with our products when needed.

  • We are committed to delivering top-quality that you can always rely on. We're the go-to choice for customers who demand the best. We create especially on demand OEM products working as good as they should, and built with passion.

  • Our experience. Your benefit.
    The name has changed several times, but many of the people developing our first-class instruments have been with us since the beginning. Since 1972 we have been serving customers with our Swiss precision, with the same passion and innovation in everything we do.

  • Our experienced and skilled teams, their seniority and loyalty are the heartbeat of our company. Together, we create a strong foundation built on trust and commitment. Our collective strength and shared vision propel us towards success, leaving a lasting impact on the world around us.

  • We engage with local organizations, support events like Bike To Work and sponsor initiatives fostering community growth. Committed to sustainability, we prioritize eco-friendly practices. Join Veratron to make a difference in our vibrant region.

  • We’ve switched to carton packaging, not only because it is cost effective, but it also reduces waste and helps for a greener future. In a constant effort to protect the environment, Veratron uses sustainable packaging, therefore reducing significantly our carbon footprint.

  • 68% of our production energy in Switzerland comes from renewable sources. We are proudly participating to sustainability and responsible energy practices. Through rigorous CO2 reduction efforts, we are actively contributing to the global fight against climate change, reducing waste, emissions and pollution.

  • We care for our planet and future generations. We are currently building e-charging stations for employees e-cars and solar panels on the roof. Only the ones who charge green, can really drive green.

  • That's what our products are all about. No matter what life throws your way, we're here to keep you going strong. Our products are made to last even if a glitch appears, we can fix it.

  • At Veratron everybody is considered important and key for the company. As an employer we offer many advantages to people who join Veratron family, to name just a few, possibility to charge e-cars, company events, facilities as well as work flexibility.

  • We offer fair work conditions and top-notch quality. Our management cares – offering great pension plans and family support. We're socially engaged, rooted in an ESH policy that ensures safety, worker protection, health promotion, and community support. Your Well-Being Matters!

  • We prioritize quality work and well-being. Enjoy work-life balance with flexible hours, work-from-home options, and onsite amenities like fitness facilities. Your life beyond work matters to us.

  • We prioritize loyalty, trust, and long-term relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. Appreciation fuels employee satisfaction, while performance standards apply across all aspects of our operations

  • For 50 years, we've pioneered innovative electronics for vehicle installations, blending tech from consumer and automotive industries into outdoor instrumentation. We support eco-friendly solutions, prioritize connectivity, and maintain a deep commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

  • We prioritize collaboration within and beyond our organization, fostering strong partnerships crucial for success. Awards like "Supplier of the Year" reflect our dedication to customer satisfaction and excellence.

  • Our certifications - Your Assurance of Excellence! During the last weeks and over the years, our partners have been conducting audits at Veratron. We're proud to share that we've successfully completed our audits and therefore received ISO certifications ISO9001/ISO14001. Our environmental laboratory was audited and received the ISO 17025:2017 certification.

  • Caring and sharing is the foundation of our business philosophy. We keep you updated on innovations, celebrate success together, and prioritize your satisfaction. In a consistent effort for customer care, we love to meet you in person. Whether it is at trade shows or during off seasons, we’re dedicated to connecting with you and building stronger relationships.

  • Our projects are always challenging and exciting, and we work with outstanding partners. Our high quality products with state of art technology are created for famous brands with high standards. Come aboard and get to know our amazing journey in instruments production.

  • Outstanding Products. From quality to innovation, we're here to elevate your experience. Don't settle for less, choose excellence, choose us! This is the ultimate reason to choose us!

  • With offices in the US, Europe, and Japan, our global team keeps the world turning around the clock.
    Because when one office rests, another takes the lead – Technically, we never sleep.

  • At Veratron we are all about versatility. Our core business is marine, but we have instruments that can be used for other purposes and segments. Our products are flexible and adaptable.

  • Swift responses to internal and external factors, quick adaptation to market changes, flexibility in meeting customer needs, and leading change cost-effectively without compromising quality. Agility ensures Veratron to be able to navigate uncertainties, adapt faster, and stay customer-focused in an ever-changing world.

  • When it comes to tackling the toughest instrumentation challenges, we've got you covered.
    Leading solutions for demanding instrumentation - this is what we do.

  • From our humble beginnings to becoming masters in our craft, every milestone is a testament to the dedication and passion that drive us. We can proudly say that with over 50 years of experience, excellence can be expected from us. Here's to the journey, the milestones, and the next 50 years of excellence!

  • Your passion is our purpose. Unleash your potential and be part of a community where every passion drives positive change. Our dedication and enthusiasm converge to create the best-in-class devices because, for us, passion meeting purpose is the key to excellence.

  • In this era of automation and technology, the true architects of progress are the individuals behind the machines. Humans are the driving force and decision-makers in the age of automation and technology. Although our operations may be streamlined and automated, it's the creativity, expertise, and dedication of real people that drive innovation and ensure quality.

  • Discover a world of possibilities with our diverse range of products - each one crafted with care and designed to be suitable for everyone! Technology for different markets, we've got something for every taste and every need.

  • As a forward-thinking company, Veratron values openness and transparency, empowering employees while promoting a clear path towards success. Veratron shares its vision, values its people, and thrives on clarity at every level. Together we shape our tomorrow!

  • Cheers to our incredible partners and team! Your reliability, dedication, and shared goals have been the driving force behind our achievements. Here is to more milestones and greater heights in the coming. Thank you for being part of our story.