Article Number: B00067401

OL Professional Rudder Angle Indicator 85mm Black

  • Series: OceanLink
  • Function: Rudder
  • Input Signal: Resistive, 0-5V
  • Dial Unit Outer: °
  • Dial Scale Outer: -45°/+45°
  • Installation Dimension: 85.0


Detailed Information

Specially designed to fit into the standard 85mm panel cut, the Professional Rudder Angle Indicator is developed to suit commercial applications thanks to the embedded NMEA 0183 transceiver - which makes it operable with most of the professional autopilots out in the field - and the large 270° dial scale and Red illumination which makes it well readable and accurate in the indication.

It supports both 12V and 24V systems, and it is designed to resist the harshest environment thanks to its extended operating temperature from -30°C to +80°C and IPX7 protection class.

Able to support the analogue 3-180 Ohm and 0-5V rudder sensors, the Professional Rudder Angle Indicator also repeats the rudder angle data via NMEA 0183 to multiple gauges connected in series to it.

The embedded infrared (IR) push button allows for a user-friendly fine tuning of the predefined calibration.

OceanLink 85mm Gauges