Article Number: A2C59501986

Sumlog® Transducer

  • Function: Speed
  • Length:
  • Thread:
  • Calibration:
  • Measurement Range:
  • Output Signals: frequency


<p><ul><li>Comes with installation kit</li>
<li>Kit includes two paddle wheels to support different boat speeds</li></ul></p>

Detailed Information

The Sumlog® Transducer is required to measure boat speed through water. The Sumlog® includes two paddle wheels which can be inter-changed to match the speed range of the boat, thereby supporting speeds from 0 to 12 or up to 50 knots, respective of the installed paddle wheel. The NavBox supports up to two Sumlog® which can be directly connected to the appropriate Sumlog® ports using a 4 pin M12 connector extension cable.





  • Accessories Article Number:
  • Connection Cable (Sumlog® to NavBox) A2C39488200
  • Blindplug for Sumlog® A2C3986520001
  • Sumlog Sleeve Assy A2C3986350001
  • Sumlog Sealing Kit N05-800-374
  • Log Cable N05-801-842

Spare Parts

  • Spare Parts Article Number:
  • Sumlog Padddlewheel 18kn 270-023-005-003D
  • Sumlog Connection Cable 270-023-005-006D
  • Sumlog Thru-Hull Fitting 30/50kn-version 270-023-005-010D
  • Connection Cable (Sumlog® to NavBox) A2C39488200