Article Number: B002002

Temperature Sensor 120°C (Insulated Return) M16x1.5

  • Function: Oil temperature, Coolant temperature
  • Length: 28.5
  • Thread: M16 x 1.5
  • Calibration: 120°C
  • Measurement Range: 120°C
  • Output Signals: resistive


<li>Long service live</li>
<li>IP 67</li>
<li>Brass housing</li>
<li>Easy installation</li>
<li>Standard 120° output curve</li>
<li>Insulated ground pin</li>

Detailed Information

These resistive temperature sensors are built in a housing of brass.

All sensors come with a sensor output and an insulated ground pin. The two connections are interfaced through the metal plate connectors.

The sensors can be applied in a wide field of applications.