Article Number: B00044701

Single Mast Display Unit

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<p><ul><li>Black anodized aluminum mast bracket</li>
<li> AcquaLink 7 inch TFT displays in portrait mode</li>
<li> 12V from NMEA 2000® network</li></ul></p>

Detailed Information

Whether racer or bluewater cruiser, access to data is critical to maximize the performance of a sailboat. With Veratron's NMEA2000-compatible Mast Display Units, it's easy to add one or three 7'' AcquaLink® TFT multifunction displays to a mast for use on a NMEA2000-wired yacht, where helmsman and crew can all see. Each 7'' TFT screen provides the ability to display 16 data streams, making it the perfect solution for the racer/cruiser who has different information needs depending on how the boat is being used.
The Single Mast Display Unit is black powder-coated aluminum and secures one AcquaLink 7'' TFT display vertically, with the look and feel of a smaller triple display. Both offer minimal installation depth, yet sufficient room for running rigging.