Article Number: B00143502

VMH 35-S - Outboard Engine Kit

  • Short description:


<li>Stylish black-glass design with brushed stainless-steel ring</li>
<li>New generation sun-readable color hybrid display</li>
<li>Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) port</li>
<li>Analog to NMEA 2000® gateway</li>
<li>Integrated high-performance GNSS receiver</li>
<li>NMEA 2000® certified</li></ul></p>

All features

  • Analog inputs: 1x 0-5V / 1x resistive / 1x frequency
  • Nominal voltage: 12 V
  • Operating voltage: 9 - 16 V
  • Current consumption: ≤ 150 mA (normal mode)
  • Cable lengths: 6m
  • Protection class: IP X7
  • gauge dimensions: 100 mm (outer) 85 mm (mounting hole)
  • Front ring: Brushed stainless steel
  • Front lens: Mineral glass
  • Display: Color IBN + 1.44" TFT optically bonded
  • Connectors: Molex MX-150 12 pins / DeviceNet M12 5 pins
  • NMEA 2000 certified with embedded analog gateway

Detailed Information

The first in its new VMH line of premium marine gauges, the Veratron VMH 35-S was engineered for single inboard or outboard engine applications. The elegant black-glass design displays a wealth of critical boat system data, in a compact package that's perfect for dashboards, consoles and bulkheads on smaller vessels with limited space.

The Veratron VMH 35-S has an embedded NMEA 2000 gateway that distributes sensor data inputs such as fuel, trim and tachometer to other devices like chartplotters. This saves the need for an additional external converter. Highly adaptable to a wide range of onboard networks, it's equipped with analog inputs, making it ideal for refitting with older engines. An integrated GPS makes the VMH 35-S the perfect standalone navigation solution. It integrates speed, compass and position into the engine data information. A dedicated Veratron IBS (Intelligent Battery System) input can provide critical 12V battery monitoring capabilities.

The Veratron VMH 35-S has a mineral glass front that's optically bonded to the sun-readable hybrid display. A sleek brushed stainless steel bezel surrounds the device and fits into classic and modern marine décors. Because small boat consoles are often fully exposed, the round display is waterproof to IPX7 criterions, both front and back. It fits a standard 85mm (3-3/8’’) panel cutout size.

Powered by the latest microprocessor, the Veratron VMH 35-S is blazingly fast. Yet even when set at full brightness, it draws a mere 170mA of power—a fraction of what a comparably-sized TFT screen uses.

The VMH 35-S has the capacity to provide 30 types of data including engine, EcoMode pop-up screen, RPMs up to 8'000 with a programmable overspeed alarm, tank levels, battery status, GPS and vessel information. It's easily configured using the embedded on-screen menu and soft-touch buttons.

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