Article Number: B00084701

VL Flex 52 - IBM Kit 12V Black

  • Short description:


<p><ul><li>sunlight readable 1.44" TFT display</li>
<li>Easy configuration with smartphone app</li>
<li>Operating voltage 8 – 32 V</li>
<li>Reverse polarity protection</li>
<li>Front side protection rating IP67</li>
<li>52 mm installation diameter</li>
<li>50 mm installation depth</li>

All features

  • Nominal voltage(gauge): 12 / 24 V
  • Operating voltage (gauge): 8 - 32 V
  • Supported Battery capacity: up to 500 Ah
  • Supported Battery types: Flooded, Gel, AGM
  • Current consumption: < 50 mA
  • Protection class: IP 67
  • Dimensions: 60 mm (outer), 52 mm (mounting hole)
  • Front ring: Polycarbonate, black
  • Front lens: PMMA with anti-glare and anti-fog treatments
  • Display: 1.44” sun-readable color TFT display
  • Resolution: 125 x 125 pixels
  • Analog inputs: 1x resistive
  • Connector: Tyco / Hirschmann MQS connector 8 pin
  • Digital ports: LIN bus
  • Wireless interface: NFC
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C

Detailed Information

Whether on the water, in an RV, riding the trail or operating a piece of industrial equipment, a dead battery will ruin anyone's day. Veratron's new VL Flex Intelligent Battery Monitor Kit contains everything needed to deliver real-time battery health and status to the smallest dashboard. It combines two pioneering products, Veratron's award-winning Intelligent Battery Sensor and its revolutionary VL Flex Instrument. All additional components needed for a fast and easy installation are included.

The innovative Intelligent Battery Sensor measures and reports voltage, current and temperature. It also originates additional critical data such as state of charge and overall battery health. The device works for either a single 12V lead, gel or AGM battery or a combination of two 12V batteries to a 24V unit.

Veratron's 1.44’’ round VL Flex Instrument is no ordinary gauge. Using the included remote button, it will scroll through the set pages to display a large numeric value and/or colored bar graph. The device is easily configured via Veratron's Intelligent Battery Monitor mobile app for Android and iOS to show dual data sets: alarms can be preset for trigger thresholds. Built to IP67 standards with a PMMA lens, nine bezels are available to match virtually any dashboard décor.

Installing the VL Flex Intelligent Battery Monitor Kit is simple. The sealed Intelligent Battery Sensor clamps onto the negative pole terminal and is connected to the positive side through an integrated 3A fuse embedded into the included 19.6' wiring harness. The system has a power consumption of less than 50mA.

With the optional Veratron stainless steel dip-pipe Liquid Level Sensor, it's easy to expand the VL Flex Intelligent Battery Monitor Kit to also monitor fuel or water tank levels. Available in lengths from 5.9’’ to 55’’, it has a unique compensation chamber that delivers accurate, real-time measurements, even when the going gets rough.

Configuring the device with the app is simple. The sensor and gauge have built-in passive wireless antennas, so it only requires tapping the mobile device against the component to make an instant pairing connection. Then, users can easily set up parameters and warning thresholds.


  • Accessories Article Number:
  • Spinlock nut 52 mm A2C5205947101
  • Blindplug for 52 mm gauges A2C5312164501
  • ViewLine Flat Bezel 52mm white A2C5318602201
  • ViewLine Flat Bezel 52mm chrome A2C5318602301
  • ViewLine Triangular Bezel 52mm black A2C5318602401
  • ViewLine Triangular Bezel 52mm white A2C5318602501
  • ViewLine Triangular Bezel 52mm chrome A2C5318602601
  • ViewLine Round Bezel 52mm black A2C5318602701
  • ViewLine Round Bezel 52mm white A2C5318602801
  • ViewLine Round Bezel 52mm chrome A2C5318602901
  • ViewLine Flat Bezel 52mm black A2C5318604001

Spare Parts

  • Spare Parts Article Number:
  • Intelligent Battery Sensors 12V/249Ah B00043901
  • Intelligent Battery Sensors 12V/500Ah B00084201
  • Battery Pole Adapter (for IBS 12V 500A - M6) B00068401
  • Battery Pole Adapter (for IBS 12/24V 250A - M8) B00068201
  • Adapter Cable Kit - IBS 12 Volt B00090601